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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

After a long time finally gets a new look. But not only the design is different from previous, There are also a lot of new features to explore. Here's an overview:

Game Server Subpages
Now every game server gets its own subpage where you can see that status of the server as well as which HLSW users have been playing on it or have viewed it.

You can find your game server here:

For example:

User Profiles
Along with game servers getting their own page, now every HLSW user gets their own public profile. Your page shows your gaming statistics and favourite servers to other users. Before you can use this page, make sure you activate your public profile via the "Community Settings" panel in your myHLSW menu.

Status Indicator
The Status Indicator now links to your public profile. Be sure to check the new designs out which were mentioned in the previous news and get your updated code for boards and websites.

Supported Games
We have also improved our Supported Games section that was previously available. Now you can see exactly which features are supported for the games that we support and also see a sneak preview of the games currently being added in to future releases.

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User Comments

On Jun 25, 2009 Detritus wrote...

Finally... Now to start on the next project! :)

On Jul 4, 2009 Lite wrote...

Well...the site has problems. If you click on the update account or edit a profile then you get an error message. I logged in only to find that I am from afgahnistan...tried to change that and get the error message.

Also the server page does not update. It shows it updates but my server has been sitting with the hlsw thing as the host name for 20 minutes...updated according to the page many times...but still does not show I own the server.

Nice to see all the additions to one of the best programs since sliced bread...but there are a few problems still to work out with the new website. I could not find an area to post this in the forums.

On Nov 18, 2009 google wrote...

Hello I need Help pls :( add me some1 pls my msn is

On Nov 18, 2009 google wrote...

Hello I need Help pls :( add me some1 pls my msn is