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HLSW Mobile for Android! UPDATE

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Monday, 1 November 2010

With HLSW Mobile for Android, HLSW launches a new product that brings the functionality of HLSW to mobile devices such as smartphones or mobile phones running the novel Google Android operation system. Recently we quietly launched a free app in the Android Market to allow us to receive feedback on the concept of a HLSW app, and also to provide a test environment for our developers. Since we launched HLSW Mobile on the market we have received over 500 downloads and performed various updates and improvements to refine the product.

HLSW Mobile provides a means of allowing you to organise your server lists, and further through one touch on a game server the typical HLSW information like server details, players and rules are shown live. For your most favoured servers, we have even added a novel feature that allows you to directly feature individual game servers as a widget on the home screen of your Android device.

But that's not all! Game server administrators no longer need to rush to find a nearby PC to administer their game servers, but can use the native Rcon functionality of HLSW Mobile. Within a few touches, an administrator can safely change the map of one game server, kick an unwanted player or to comfortably change any server rule. Of course, also all available rcon commands can be executed within the rcon console.

HLSW Mobile is available for download within the Android Market in two versions: a free HLSW Mobile Lite version, and the full HLSW Mobile version. The Lite version is limited to a maximum of 10 servers and has no rcon functionality. The full version is now available in the Android Market and we offer it for a special launch price: In the european market the app goes on sale for just 1,79 Euro, in the american market the app costs 1,50 Euro. For testing purpose everyone in the Android Market can give the app back within 24 hours.

As always we are interested in designing HLSW Mobile to fit your needs, so we would be very happy to receive your feedback within our forum. For further information like a complete feature list, screenshots and videos please visit our HLSW Mobile page

Google has modified the time of testing from 24 hours to 15 minutes

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