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HLSW Mobile 2.5.6 / 2.5.7

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

An HLSW mobile update has been released to the Android market that fixes a number of crashes, and also updates the list of supported games - adding Brink and TeamSpeak!

HLSW Mobile 2.5.6

  • General: Updated game support list to match HLSW (adds Brink and TeamSpeak)
  • Fix: Time limit is now formatted as minutes:seconds rather than just seconds
  • Fix: Formatting of multiple limits was broken
  • Fix: Images for maps with a space in their name are now displayed. (E.g. BF1942: "liberation of caen")
  • Fix: Omitting port caused a crash
  • Fix: Non-numeric port caused a crash

2.5.7 was shortly released after 2.5.6 to fix a crash triggered when installing 2.5.6. Further 2.5.7 contains a fix for server lists not saving on some devices.

HLSW Mobile 2.5.7

  • Fix: Crash on install caused by an API change in 2.5.6
  • Fix: Server lists not saving on certain hardware

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