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HLSW Mobile for Android

Supported Games

A list of all games/tools supported by HLSW Mobile. Games with rcon support are marked in bold.

A complete list of supported games and mods you find here


HLSW Mobile for Android devices gives you the experience of the desktop application on your mobile phone. You can monitor and administrate multiple game server at the same time in realtime. More then 500 thousend registered HLSW users use every month our services. Our knowelge of game server administration guarantee a high quality experience of game server monitoring and administration. Change rules, kick players or change map with a simple click. We are support more games then all other on a unique interface to provide a simple and easy access to your game servers.

We offer two types of HLSW Mobile.

HLSW Mobile Lite (free)
  • Organize and monitor 10 game server

Market Link: market://search?q=pname:com.hlsw.hlswmobile

HLSW Mobile (1,50 €)
  • Organize and monitor a unlimited number of game server
  • Remote control of multiple servers
  • Early access to new versions

Market Link: market://search?q=pname:com.hlsw.hlswmobile.p

You can see changelog here

General Features

  • Serverlist view to organize your game server
  • Details, Rules and Player view
  • Widget with general server info
  • Realtime game server information
  • Rcon remote control
  • Advanced server data like map pictures
  • Easy interface to change rules or kick, ban player
  • Configuration view to setup widget settings and other parameters
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Optimized for mobile devices (less space, less traffic, fast speed)
  • Strong Web Cluster Backend to guarantee best experience of mobile game server administration

Some of this features are not included in the Lite edition


Rcon Preview Movie

Serverlist and Widget




HLSW Mobile