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LogMod Logo LogMod is a MetaMod plugin for Half-Life and game servers, which provides several pieces of information about the game server itself and the current players for use by HLSW, which are not natively available in Steam or other game server browsers.

With this plugin it's possible to check information about current players from different online pages, leagues and communities, e.g. the Steam Community profile, the ESL profile, the Sentinel player statistics or the CAL CS profile.

LogMod also provides other player related information, which is usually unavailable, such as the player's team, model or ping.

With HLSW it is possible that up to 25 Clients can receive the Log at the same time. An extra plus for LogMod is the circumstance that you need no further configuration if you want to receive the Log behind a Router or Gateway. Therefore LogMod is easy to use by everybody. Even those who where facing this bad error message "logaddress: TimeOut".




Official Downloads
LOGMOD v0.8.0.4 443 KiB Changelog Changelog
LOGMOD v0.8.0.3 344 KiB Changelog Changelog
LOGMOD v0.8.0.0 193 KiB Changelog Changelog
LOGMOD v0.7f 307 KiB

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